KEEEFO is one the emerging smart solutions brand. Our aim is to provide every house a smart solutions which helps every house owner.


At keeefo tech company INC, we are here to help you our smart system will give you the chance to control your whole home system from light switches Ac switches, Power switches, Home cinemas, and home security, We also provide hotel systems and other smart devices such as smart cinemas, sensors, Sounds system, intercom, TV mirror, And Digital initiatives.

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KNX System

This system is one of the most pioneering systems in the world in the field of smart buildings, homes, and hotels control system. This system transforms a traditional building into a smart and modern building, and it can be used in various buildings, whether residential or commercial


  • Lighting control
  • OS
  • Temperature control
  • Audio and video functions
  • Control curtains and windows
  • Access control For buildings and hotels
  • Alert and safety system

KNX System Features

You can add your own personal touches when controlling the system

You can easily save and restore a specific lighting pattern when needed, such as: reading time, dining time, TV and home cinema

Ease of use

Through the use of automatic control such as (automatic operation lights at sunset, closing the curtains or during the wind blowing)

energy saving

The system is very energy efficient. You can also get a refund for installing the system over time

Saving time and effort

Like turning off all lights with just one button


The electricity used is only 30 volts and it is very safe for users


Any modification required after installation is made through programming only without any change of cables or wires

Accuracy in design

The pumps are all compatible with the same design and model


Scalable and easily reprogrammed


The KNX system is compatible with other devices and can be connected to low current systems

Ease of access

KNX system can be used for all applications in controlling any building

All types of construction

The KNX system can be used in all different buildings, whether residential or commercial

More smart options

It is a complete security system for building intrusion detection, smoking detection, and building control in terms of access, supervision and follow-up