KEEEFO is one the emerging smart solutions brand. Our aim is to provide every house a smart solutions which helps every house owner.


At keeefo tech company INC, we are here to help you our smart system will give you the chance to control your whole home system from light switches Ac switches, Power switches, Home cinemas, and home security, We also provide hotel systems and other smart devices such as smart cinemas, sensors, Sounds system, intercom, TV mirror, And Digital initiatives.

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Hotel Systems

Smart hotels

to provide a distinctive

experience for hotel visitors

  The smart hotel system makes the visitors’ rooms distinguished by a five-star service by providing this system in the guest rooms
that gives the residents of hotels control of curtains and lights, room temperature, television, music, wake-up times,
requesting valet parking and more and all this by just pressing the buttons of the device Custom control at your fingertips.
All our solutions fit the characteristics provided in the pre-construction stage,
and the systems can be reconfigured and programmed to suit our customers or when the customer prefers to use his own systems. 

Full control of the building by software in reception

The door is opened automatically by the outdoor unit thus locking the door is no longer required

Several types of cards can be controlled - guest - management - cleaning workers ... etc

A guest can control all the features of the room - lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc. - through an app that works on their mobile phone

Meet the demands of hotel guests in an easier and faster way, saving time and effort

The room reservation process is easier and faster

Special settings and features can be configured for the entire building in seasons to save energy