KEEEFO is one the emerging smart solutions brand. Our aim is to provide every house a smart solutions which helps every house owner.


At keeefo tech company INC, we are here to help you our smart system will give you the chance to control your whole home system from light switches Ac switches, Power switches, Home cinemas, and home security, We also provide hotel systems and other smart devices such as smart cinemas, sensors, Sounds system, intercom, TV mirror, And Digital initiatives.

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"We are manufacturers representative in MIDDLE EAST"

Full-Room Coverage, Motion Tracking Master

Surveillance cameras are one of the most important means to ensure the safety of companies, hotels and various buildings, and to monitor all internal and external movements. At KEEEFO, we  design the best types of surveillance cameras and build a customized surveillance system to suit the needs of each company 

Screen cameras feature internet connectivity, allowing you to view surrounding areas of business and buildings on your mobile phone wherever you are, so you can feel secure in your personal belongings.

  • Ease of connection to the Internet. Internet can be monitored from anywhere in the world
  • You do not need wires of a specific type
  • Easy to install and define
  • Ease of controlling the cameras view using software to use viewing and recording